Up to 15 cm of Snow Set to Hit Brampton


It's been a particularly snowy winter in Brampton this year, and it looks like the snow won't be stopping anytime soon - well, at least today.

According to Environment Canada, the city could see up to 15 cm of snow today (Feb. 27). The snowfall will continue throughout the day and will cease this evening.

Locally higher amounts of 20 cm, notes Environment Canada, are possible near the west end of Lake Ontario.

This snowfall is likely to be the heaviest in the afternoon and is expected to impact the commute home. Motorists are encouraged to give themselves extra time to reach their destination.

However, if you thought that was the end of things you'd be sadly mistaken. Not only is it going to be a snowy day today, it is also expected to be quite cold.

Environment Canada notes that although we will see a high of minus six, with the wind chill it is expected to feel like minus 17.

Stay safe, Brampton.

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