Very Popular Disney Musical is Coming to Brampton


Who doesn’t love Quasimodo, otherwise known as the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Based on the 1831 novel of the same name written by Victor Hugo with songs from the 1996 Walt Disney movie, the story is a time honoured tale of a physically and psychologically damaged man who lives in a cathedral in France, shunned by the wider society at large.

It wasn’t until a compassionate maiden named Esmeralda met Quasimodo did he transform into a man who found himself, his dignity and purpose with Esmeralda’s help.

Such as story is a Disney classic…and now Quasimodo is coming to Brampton.

As announced by Brampton Music Theatre, a live performance of “Hunchback of Notre Dame” is coming to the Rose Theatre:

The cast will consist of Matthew Butler as Quasimodo, Lindsey Camara as Esmeralda, Brad Bryson as Dom Claude Frollo, Paul Barker as Father Dupin and many others.

Promotions that are currently available are $20 for opening “preview” night or the ‘Buy two and get the third free’ for a limited time offer.

Use the promo code buy2get3. Go to or call 905-874-2800 for tickets.

Are you going to go see Quasimodo, Brampton?

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