VIDEO: Aftermath of Conservation Area Grass Fire in Brampton


On Sunday April 7, Brampton Fire Crews responded to a grass fire in the Claireville Conservation Area.

While the fire was contained, a large amount of the area was scorched by flames. A video made using drone footage shows the devastation the fire caused.

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services say outdoor grass fires can spread rapidly. Even a simple campfire can quickly spread and go out of control in the open air. T his time of year is especially dangerous as grass tends to be dry after winter, which means it burns very quickly.

Fire Services ask residents to make sure any campfires are permitted in accordance with the City of Brampton by-law 91-94. The by-law has rules for anyone planning to start an open air fire, such as receiving a permit from the Fire Department Chief or keeping the fire confined in a metal container like a barbeque.

You can view the entire by-law:

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