VIDEO: Giant Snake Slithers Out of Brampton Drain Pipe


Well, this isn’t something you see everyday.

On June 14, Kristian Murray was walking his dog in Brampton when he saw a massive yellow rat snake emerging from a drain.

So today in Brampton, I’m walking my dog and I see this snake coming out of the drain,” writes Murray on his Facebook page.

According to Murray, the snake emerged on Ellerslie Road in the Torbram and Clarke Road area. After the snake was spotted, a neighbour came out with a broom while Murray called 311. Five minutes later, two officers from Brampton Animal Services showed up to capture the animal.

Murray told that the snake, which looked to be about six feet long, was indeed a frightening sight, especially since children would soon be in the area.

It was around 2:00 pm and the kids were coming home from school,” he says. “It freaked me out. The size of it. And where it was coming from.”

Murray said the brave officers who managed to rescue the snake arrived extremely promptly.

I was on the phone waiting for someone to answer 311 for a longer time than it took animal services to show up,” he says.

The snake ended up slithering under a car, but the officers managed to safely apprehend it and bring it to the Bramalea Animal Shelter.

While the sight was certainly frightening, it does not appear the snake—which is not native to the area—posed a threat to public safety. According to, yellow right snakes—which can grow to 10 feet in length—are not typically venomous.

You can see videos of the daring rescue below:

Photos and videos courtesy of Kristian Murray

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