VIDEO: These 5 Year Old Basketball Players From Brampton Have Gone Viral With a Group Hug


One big hug, four small friends. A team of young basketball players from Brampton have won the hearts of thousands online with a big group hug on the court.

Brampton City Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon recorded the moment at his 5 year old son’s basketball practice. His son was the one who called in his teammates for a group huddle, which eventually lead to a big group hug.

Dhillon says his son is very affectionate, so he wasn’t at all surprised when he brought his team in for the hug.

The video gained fame very quickly online, eventually being retweeted by ESPN which further shot it to viral status.

These kids were from all different backgrounds, and it was their first practice together,” Dhillon said. “So for them to show co-operation, and get along and organize themselves in a loving way, serves a small reminder that hey, maybe we can learn something from kids!”

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