Vigil for Sri Lanka Easter Bombing Victims to be Held in Brampton Tonight


Tonight, Brampton will be hosting a vigil in memory of victims of the Sri Lanka Easter attacks.

On April 21, three Christian churches in Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in Colombo, the capital, were targeted in a series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombings. An estimated 253 people were killed.

Brampton has many Sri Lankan residents, so this event hits very close to home.

The vigil will be held at the City Hall Conservatory. Residents are invited to join in for inter-faith prayers in memory of the people who lost their lives in the bombings.

The vigil will feature speakers such as Rev. Sritharan Jeyarajah of the Free Methodist Tamil Church and Rev. Bhaskaran of the Open Door Gospel Tamil Church.

Mayor Patrick Brown will also be in attendance, as well as members of council, Peel Regional Police Chief Chris McCord, the Tamil Seniors Association and the Brampton Tamil Association.

There will also be a performance by the St. Augustine Choir.

At sunset, the city hall clock tower to be dimmed light blue, the colour of the blue water lily, the official flower of Sri Lanka.

The vigil will start at 5 pm tonight.

Editor’s note: The location previously listed in this article has changed from Ken Whillans Square to the City Hall Conservatory due to the weather. 

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