If you’re really into shopping but occasionally shun the big name brands in favour of something a little more niche, then downtown Brampton may have a new store that’s right for you.
While some might think it's too early to get into the holiday spirit, it's definitely not too early to pencil Brampton's upcoming annual Santa Claus Parade into your calendar.
There's something unusual about the shopping habits of Brampton residents.Something charmingly unusual.
While no one—or almost no one—enjoys cold weather, almost everyone loves Halloween and all the spooky celebrations that go along with it (and if they don't, they don't know what they're missing).
If you’ve been looking forward to the massive Gore Meadows Community Centre expansion, you might be excited to know that Phase 2 is officially complete!
Amidst a tough move from their rehearsal space after not receiving adequate support from Brampton City Council, Brampton Music Theatre has announced something exciting in the works.
Do you like the smell of flowers?You won't like the smell of this one.
Canada’s Wonderland is the country’s largest and oldest theme park. The 330-acre park been around since 1981, boasting a wealth of attractions and fun for people across the GTA and even beyond.
Summer is about to end on a very high note in Peel.  
Despite some complaints, most people who live in Ontario probably know that it is, overall, a great place to live.