It seems that new tenants - or a new tenant - is set to take over a major part of downtown Brampton. Over past few weeks alone, City Council has approved purchase of a bunch of buildings
There are an abundance of cities across Canada and beyond that have a unique and popular building - Mississauga has the Marilyn Monroe Towers, Toronto has the CN Tower, and even Milton has its
Spoiler alert: very, very soon!Carriage rides in downtown Brampton are a classic, and with the holidays coming up, it’s only fit that they start back up again - and soon.
The impossible has happened.
Table for one, please …
If you were in downtown Brampton on Saturday, you might have noticed some cute holiday lights creating a small light tunnel of lights in McArter Lane.
Taking your road test is nerve-wracking enough without the added pressure of knowing the failure rate in the city you’re taking it in.
Brampton has one of the fastest growing populations in Canada, but you may or may not know that the majority of Brampton’s population was actually born outside of Canada!
Parking tickets are not fun, but toys are! Though no one in Brampton likes getting a parking ticket, in the case that you do, a very interesting new program might be headed our way before the
Whether you’ve been waiting for your favourite show to return to Netflix for another season, you’re looking for a new show to watch, or you want to marathon some movies, there seems to be something