It seems like everyone and their third cousin has a Shoppers Optimum card to collect those sweet, sweet PC points.
Unicorn frappuccinos have come and gone, and now — if you’re in the mood for romance, hearts, and everything pink — there’s a new drink on the horizon you might want to try!
After Alessia Cara made history by winning a Grammy Award on Sunday, the internet has mixed emotions. Cara had to deal with some negativity…but she fought back and it was awesome.
Canada isn't even close to being ready for the arrival of driverless cars, a Senate committee said as it released a new report in Ottawa on Monday.
This year has been quite exciting for federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.
Superbowl LII is happening very soon, and amidst the face-off and epic advertisements, an internationally popular Brampton comedian will have a few spots to entertain audiences everywhere.
Canada is known for a lot of things, and though Canadians aren’t necessarily known for tooting their own horns, it’s official — Canada has ranked very highly on a list of the best countries in the
Homage to Tide Pods…or something else?
While Brampton is already on the map for a number of reasons, it’s always exciting to hear that films and television shows have been filmed in our city.
Have you ever wanted to break a Guinness World Record? It looks like a fellow Bramptonian just did!