Wearing masks could soon be mandatory in Brampton amid COVID-19 pandemic


While many people are taking precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the public is still choosing not to wear masks when out in public.

On May 22, the Ontario government and the Region of Peel released a statement recommending that those who are travelling on public transit wear a non-medical mask where physical distancing may be a challenge. 

During a press conference on May 27, Brown told reporters that mandatory measures could be put in place if the public continued to forgo the use of masks. 

In an exclusive interview today (May 29), Brown told Khaled Iwamura from inbrampton.com that he is “very much considering” putting these mandatory measures in place.

I’ve been working with our transit commissioner and local union ATU to look at how we can implement that,” said Brown, adding that it is something they have been having conversations about.

My initial reaction is that I’d like to make it mandatory to wear masks on transit and we’re just looking at how that could be put into effect.”

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