Weekly Weather Forecast for Brampton


Another work week is amongst us.

Here's what weather you can expect throughout Brampton this week according to Environment Canada. 

Today, Nov. 5, we will see periods of rain with a temperature of 12 degrees. So, don't get rid of those umbrellas.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 will be slightly warmer with a high of 14 degrees with periods of rain. At night the temperature will drop to 2 degrees.

Wednesday the temperature will drop to 7 degrees but, instead of rain, we will see a mix of sun and clouds.

Thursday we can expect a temperature of 6 degrees also with a mix of sun and clouds but prepare for cooler nights. The temperature at night is expected to drop to minus one degree.

Friday, the rain may return. There is a 30 per cent chance of showers and the temperature is expected to be 4 degrees.

Saturday the high will stay at 4 degrees but there will be a mix of sun and cloud. At night the temperature will fall to minus three.

Sunday it will be cloudy and we will see a high of three degrees.

A little bit of everything (expect for snow) this week.

Photo courtesy of Environment Canada. 

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