What Do You Love About Brampton?


Brampton might have its haters, but if you live here, chances are there’s something you love about our city!

Don’t deny it.

The Flower City has an incredible heritage, developments galore are happening to make our city future ready - from an LRT stop, to a university, to a brand new streetscape in the downtown core, to a Riverwalk, to more centres devoted to health research, and beyond - and the people here are pretty cool, too. 

Urban yet suburban, loud yet quaint, and modern yet historic, Brampton is awesome, whether you’ll admit it or not. 

People might complain about driving here, but the truth is, there are reasons to brag about our city. Whether it’s the creative talent that comes from here like the rappers or the YouTubers, the upgrades that are on their way or the old buildings, you love something about Brampton. 

In fact, on the city’s future ready Brampton platform - an idea-sharing space for what people want to see from Brampton in the future - there are tons of comments on what Bramptonians love about their city. 

Here’s a look at what some people said.

Peel Village Park got some love:

As did Churchville:

Bramptonians also love Gore Meadows:

Let’s not forget about the stunning heritage in downtown Brampton:

Have you ever been to the Alderlea?

Brampton Curling Club, Etobicoke Creek Trail, and Ching Park were also some of residents’ favourite parts of our city. 

The platform is an engaging way to get people across Brampton involved in its development - more specifically, based on what they love, want to improve, and wish we had in the city. Ultimately, whether you choose to post a photo, a video, a comment, or a pin on the map, all of the ideas given will be taken into consideration for developing a vision for Brampton’s future.

This is all part of Brampton's campaign for residents’ ideas on what they want Brampton to look like in five years, 10 years, 25 years, and even beyond that. 

The new vision will be presented in spring 2018. The city has confirmed that the vision will reflect ideas from the portal.

But there’s much more to our city that already makes us proud to call it home. 

And that begs the question - what do you love about Brampton?

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