What is Brampton's Most Iconic Building?


There are an abundance of cities across Canada and beyond that have a unique and popular building - Mississauga has the Marilyn Monroe Towers, Toronto has the CN Tower, and even Milton has its water tower.

But does Brampton have an iconic building?

According to The National, an iconic building is one that’s immediately associated with a city. It’s an often famous structure, like the Empire State Building, or even something more groundbreaking like the Burj Khalifa. 

In terms of how to recognize an iconic building, it’s likely even one that people take a lot of photos of or with, perhaps even one that attracts a lot of tourists. Over time, a mass amount of pictures have popped up all over social media of the Marilyn Monroe Towers, for instance, located near Square One, not so far from Brampton.

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It’s clear that two of our not-so-far neighbours - Mississauga and Toronto - have epic skylines often defined by some of their most iconic structures. While Brampton might not boast that defining skyline at present, we definitely have some impressive buildings.

There’s the Rose Theatre, for instance, which has been in downtown Brampton since 2006, and attracts its fair share of tourists and admirers. It boasts big names in events, and attracts thousands of guests each year. There’s even a cute outdoor patio, plus the stunning Lorna Bissell Fountain located in front of the building.

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There’s also the Alderlea, the restored 19th century mansion in downtown Brampton that hosts an abundance of events, like weddings. It’s a gorgeous building and there are definitely a lot of photos that have been taken there.

The up-and-coming Springdale Library is also set to be a stunner. The state of the art library and community centre is set to have 20,000 square feet of library program space and a 5,000 square foot community multi-purpose room. What’s more - the library will boast a splash pad, children’s play equipment, parking, and a “contemplative garden.”

What do you think is the most iconic building in Brampton?

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