What Neighbourhood in Brampton Has the Best Internet Connection?


Your car may be fancier than your neighbour’s but how fast is your Internet speed? Based on the answer, you may soon be the envy of Brampton.

Is your money on Fletcher’s Meadow, Westgate, or Bramalea? 

Anyone can test the speed and quality of their Internet connections using an Internet browser on any computer or mobile device on the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) website.

The process is quick: By punching in a postal code and hitting start, 'heat maps' will show you how your friends, classmates, or colleagues’ connections compare.

Connectivity is built into the cost of a package from Internet Service Providers (ISP) via your phone, Internet, or cable provider. Depending on who you’re with, speed and performance varies.

Test nodes are across Canada; CIRA's Internet performance test is built on the globally recognized M-Labs testing technology, and operates independently from any major Internet service provider network, ensuring unbiased measurements and data.

Check out how your connection fares by clicking here.

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