What's Happening in Brampton for Sikh Heritage Month?

Events are taking place across Brampton's downtown core for Ontario's Sikh Heritage Month from April 1-April 29.

Sikh Heritage Month aims to celebrate Sikh-Canadians and develop a greater understanding of their achievements and a rich and diverse heritage. In April, Sikhs commemorate Vaisakhi, also known as Khalsa Day, which marks the creation of the Khalsa, or the Sikh community, over 300 years ago.

In 2014, Ontario became the first province to recognize Sikh Heritage Month.

This year’s celebrations kicked off with an opening night at the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives (PAMA), which showcased local performers, vendors, and art on April 1.

In the past week, events have included a conversation on the intersection of Sikhism, identity, and art with Toronto-based rapper Fateh, a healing meditation class, and a conversation on the concept of daya, or compassion, and plant based diets.

Events from April 15 on range from yoga to calligraphy to storytelling at PAMA, the Rose Theatre, and City Hall.

Here are the upcoming Sikh Heritage Month events in Brampton:

Saturday April 15

Kundalini Yoga Class: Embracing the Warrior Saint Within
PAMA Council Chambers

Storytime with Babbu
PAMA Council Chambers

Inclusivity in Sikhi
PAMA Courtroom

Calligraphy for Beginners
PAMA Studio 2

Spoken Word with Rupi Kaur
Rose Theatre

Sunday April 16

Building Future Leaders
PAMA Council Chambers

The Art of Sikh Painting
PAMA Studio 2

Thursday April 20

Khalsa Aid: At the Forefront of the Refugee Crisis
City Hall Rose Conservatory

Friday April 21

Sikh to Inspire: Entrepreneurship Mixer
City Hall Rose Conservatory

Saturday April 22

The Science to Happiness Using Kundalini Yoga
PAMA Council Chambers

The 10th Master: a Warrior, Poet, and Revolutionary
PAMA Courtroom

Pioneer Sikhs of Ontario Awards

Bridging the Mental Health Gap
PAMA Classroom 2

A Poet’s Thoughts on Guru Gobind Singh
PAMA Courtroom

Sunday April 23

Storytime with Inni
PAMA Council Chambers

Tribute to Guru Gobind Sahib Through Verse
PAMA Courtroom

PAMA also features three Sikh exhibits until June 11, Komagata Maru: A Journey to Canada, Kings and Saints: A Legacy in Sikh Art, and Tunnel Vision: From the Eyes of the Panth.

The Sikh Centennial Gala is the one event that takes place in Toronto, at the Royal Ontario Museum, in the evening on Saturday April 22.

For a full list of events and descriptions, check out http://ontariosikhheritagemonth.ca.

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