Where Do You Want to See the My Brampton Sign Next?


The My Brampton sign is kind of like Waldo from the Where’s Waldo? series. We don’t know where we’ll see it next, but when we know it’s around, we’re always looking!

@Brampton_Events Twitter tweeted a very intriguing question not too long ago. Here’s what they said:

With eight retweets and 18 likes, the tweet definitely generated a lot of engagement on Twitter.

The My Brampton sign is quite popular among Bramptonians. It has made two public appearances so far - one at CeleBrampton on June 10 in downtown Brampton this year, and one shortly after at Canada Day celebrations at Chinguacousy park - and is very reminiscent of the Toronto sign at Nathan Philips Square downtown. 

Regardless of where it’s placed, the sign generates long lineups of residents waiting to take pictures with it. It’s clearly very popular.

Many major cities have their own signs similar to the My Brampton sign, so it’s great to see Brampton make the big leagues.

The sign features a maple leaf instead of the “O” in “Brampton” and spanned almost the width of Main Street at CeleBrampton, and was placed near the splash pad at Chinguacousy Park for Canada Day.

As for the tweet, one user suggested the sign be set up poolside at Heart Lake, while one suggested their own front yard.

Though the sign likely won’t make it to anyone’s front yard anytime soon, it’s guaranteed to make an appearance somewhere in Brampton, and hopefully at some point in the near future. 

Brampton Events’s teaster tweet prompts the question - where do you want to see the My Brampton sign next? 

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