Will the Weather in Brampton be Scary This Halloween?


Well, Halloween is here.

Or at least it’s almost here.

If you have little ones who are excited to go trick or treating (or you plan on getting outside and enjoying the sights and sounds of All Hallows Eve, regardless of how old you are), you might be wondering what kind of weather to expect on Oct. 31.

Wonder no more, as Environment Canada has all the answers.

According to the weather agency, rainy weather is in the forecast for Wednesday.

Well that might sound worrisome, trick or treaters should take comfort in the fact that day-time temperatures are expected to reach a comfy 13 degrees.

Also, The Weather Network says the rain should slow down just in time for trick or treating.

The timing looks good for most of the [southern Ontario] region for trick-or-treating. Widespread rain across southern and eastern Ontario earlier in the day will end during the afternoon,” The Weather Network says.

Temperatures will be near seasonal for most of the region, but a few degrees above seasonal across most of southern Ontario with near double digit temperatures along the 401 corridor from Windsor to Kingston.”

And while trick or treating is an important nighttime tradition, it’s also one that comes with some safety risks associated with visibility. For that reason, Peel police are advising trick or treaters to choose bright colours (it makes you more visible to drivers and other people), wear properly fitted costumes that won’t cause you to trip or fall and, if you can, avoid masks (they restrict your vision in ways makeup doesn’t).

Are you planning on trick or treating this Halloween?

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