Would You Order Booze to Your House From This App?


So, the LCBO, the Beer Store, and your local Wal Mart have closed or stopped selling booze for the day.

But you’ve run out.

We’ve all been there.

If you’ve ever been in that position - or you can’t be bothered to drive to the LCBO to pick up more alcohol - an app in Toronto is changing the game.

You might be interested to know that an app called FFetch is delivering booze to homes in Toronto, regardless of the time of day.

While this service is currently only available to residents within certain borders of downtown Toronto, if you’re ever at a friend’s place in Toronto or you just love keeping up with the tech scene, FFetch is a handy and interesting new app to be aware of.

You can order nearly anything off of FFEtch, from tobacco, to snacks, to condoms and beer.

It even has pet food and energy drinks, and a 24-hour stocked pharmacy, like the ultimate convenience store.

And you can pay pretty much however you want.

FFetch accepts Visa, Mastercard, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Bitcoin, and everything in between.

How does it work?

FFetch works similarly to Uber Eats, where you place and pay for an order.

Then, you can watch your delivery as it leaves until it gets to your doorstep.

There’s free delivery on your first order when you enter your email on their website, and you can earn points and rewards when you order.

The catch is that this app is not yet available outside of Toronto.

Would you use an app like this in Brampton?

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