You Can Now Volunteer to Help Cleanup Brampton's Parks


If you’re looking for a way to get outdoors and get involved in the community this fall, now’s your chance!

Cleaning up Brampton’s parks might not sound all that glamorous, but it’s a necessary task at parks across the city. Brampton’s annual fall Parks Cleanup is happening in full force from October 1-31. 

So, if you’re looking to make a difference in Brampton, you can register now to participate. 

Families, friends, community organizations, businesses and school groups participate by donating their time,” says the City of Brampton.

What’s the Parks Cleanup all about, you ask?

Well, it’s about much more than removing litter that has accumulated throughout the year - though that’s the event’s main focus.

It's about community building and keeping our shared spaces free of litter that is potentially harmful to children, our environment and wildlife,” says the City.

Cleaning up litter from parks does have an effect on how healthy our environment is in the long run. 

Volunteers drive this event forward, so whether you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity or just a chance to get outside and do some good for the community this fall, it’s definitely an event you should keep on your radar, and hopefully even register for. 

You can also choose which park you’d like to help clean up, so if there’s a park you prefer, you can specify. 

Brampton’s Parks Cleanup happens twice a year - once in April and October.

For the volunteer registration form, click here.

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