Brampton City Councillor Proposes Major Gun Reform Program


Safety from firearms, and the various issues surrounding firearms in general, will always be a topic of discussion amongst the public.

One Brampton city councillor aims to introduce a program that would incentivize the act of getting guns off the streets.

Councillor of Ward’s 7 and 8 Charmaine Williams has proposed Brampton’s first ever gun buy back program.

Described as “gun amnesty on steroids,” the plan would allow for unwanted firearms to be surrendered to Peel Regional Police during scheduled gun amnesty, to which the city would monetarily compensate with $100.

This could be done for a maximum of three guns for a maximum of $300.

The practicality of the plan will be reported on by city staff, to which city councillors will then take a vote on supporting or rejecting the idea.

The idea was initially proposed by councillor Williams prior, as part of what she planned on doing once making it into office. She said that the idea garnered support even back then, which should translate into it making an impact now as part of a larger strategy surrounding gun reform in the city.

Councillor Williams is encouraging residents to get involved and have their voice heard on where they stand regarding the motion.

Both Brampton and Mississauga saw spikes in violent crime in 2018, especially when related to firearms-related offences. Peel Regional Police indicated that officers seized over 306 firearms and laid 1,303 firearm related charges.

For more information on this new proposal, or to show support by signing the petition, visit

What do you think of Councillor Williams bold new proposal, Brampton?

Photos courtesy of Charmaine William’s Facebook.

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