Here's How the New University Will Affect Parking in Brampton


After the location for Brampton’s new university was announced, it left many people wondering what would happen to the GO station parking that the institution would take over. 

The province announced recently that the Brampton’s new Ryerson-Sheridan partnership university will be located at the south-east corner of Church Street West and Mill Street North, adjacent to the GO station in downtown Brampton.

More specifically, on top of the downtown Brampton GO station parking lot. 

Many residents were confused about the university’s location - if it will be located on top of the parking lot, where will commuters park? 

Metrolinx recently confirmed with that there are plans in place to compensate for parking. 

We will ensure minimal disruption to GO customers and continue to work with Ryerson and the City of Brampton on a parking strategy to have parking spots secured prior to any final agreement,” a representative said in a statement to

The parking strategy may include the use of other Metrolinx owned lands and the possible use of alternate parking facilities to support our customers' experience.”

So, new parking spots are in the works. 

About two years ago, Metrolinx bought a major block of land just south of the downtown Brampton GO station, so that’s a possibility.

Metrolinx has had its eye on downtown Brampton as a mobility hub for some years now, so it’s no surprise that they are a major part of the plans to integrate a new university into the downtown core.

Downtown Brampton is identified as a future Mobility Hub planned to integrate two-way all-day GO service, Rapid Transit and local bus service,” reads the statement.

The announcement of a postsecondary site in Brampton demonstrates the type of transit supportive development that we are committed to as we implement the GO Expansion Program. We're excited to work with our partners during the development of the campus plans. Planning for the station/campus complex will integrate transit services, parking management and passenger pick up and drop off areas.”

This is the first time Ryerson is expanding beyond Toronto, so it's a pretty historic time for Brampton, Ryerson, and Sheridan, which has been in Brampton for many years now and is expanding its presence.

What do we know about the new university?

Well, the postsecondary institution will focus on STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

The province is investing $90 million in it. And Brampton city council committed $150 million from the city in it, and a community space for joint-use to support the university, called the Brampton Centre for Education, Innovation and Collaboration (BCEIC).

Here’s a look at how those buildings will fit into the downtown core:

Map courtesy of the City of Brampton

What do you think of the university’s location in Brampton?

Cover photo courtesy of Ryerson University

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