VIDEO: Brampton Councillor's Son Gets Schooled By Grandfather in Basketball Bet


For the past few months as the Toronto Raptors had their historic NBA Finals championship run, basketball has been seen to be a big unifier in various communities, although many have believed in that idea long before the Raptors’ current success.

Nowadays, the long standing sport can unite young and old…though perhaps you should not try to wager money on it.

Brampton councillor Gurpreet Dhillon recently tweeted a video of his 10 year old son, Karem, and his 70 year old father dunking basketballs out in front of his house. A bet of $2 (which was then increased to $20 by young Karem) was made for whoever got the ball in the basket on the first attempt.

While Karem missed his free throw, Dhillon’s father took off his suit jacket before getting the ball into the basket on his first attempt.

The story has gone viral, being picked up by outlets such as Bleacher Report and ESPN.

I think it goes to show how sports unites us all, regardless of background, and it’s a typical scene being played on driveways throughout North America and the world,” Councillor Dhillon said. 

Brampton is currently in the process of looking at adding more basketball courts around the city, such as in the Northwest Brampton neighbourhoods like The Gore and Bram West. 

Perhaps with more basketball courts, kids like young Karem, as well as active seniors, will have more opportunities to practice their free throws as this warm and beautiful summer chugs along. 

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